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14 October 2008 @ 07:04 pm
Rivendell elves are the best::half-human  

I hope this community is not completely dead. I love LOTR, both books and movies, and I'd love to know who I'm most like


Name:María de Sancha
Location:Madrid, Spain
Nicknames, or what you prefer to be called:Sara
Your likes:
-Reading. I’m such a geek. I hardly go out, and when I do, it’s usually my friends pulling. Reading has been my life for many years; I have a very high capacity to absorb and memorize everything that I read, and I do so very fast. I like complicated reads, as well as light ones. I read everything that lands on my hands except for romance (except for Jane AustenXD).
-Travelling. I LOVE to go abroad; I wouldn’t say “no” to any journey to an unknown place, and many that I have been to. It’s fascinating and you find in this a richness that’s lacking from everything else in life.
-Writing. It’s how I want to live, so I better like itXD. I love writing for the same reasons I love reading. Though it tends to make me obsessed when I’m immersed in it.
-Discussion and arguing. I love this. My mom hates itXD. I feel enthusiasm sharing my conclusions and POVs, and acquiring new ones (and information) from other people. And, as I’m a VERY hard and aggressive discussion partner, I feel a lot of power while doing it.
-Giving advice. My God, for someone with so few experiences, I sure give good advice, about almost everything, from family to friends to jobs to relationships
More: Favourite colour is red. I've always been strongly attracted to that colour. Fav number, 9, since forever; don't know why.
My favourite food is fried eggs and migas, something we do in Spain that I've never seen abroad
My favourite type of music is punk rock, but my favourite song in all time is "Now and Then" by Blackmore's Night.
My favourite season is spring, because the weather is nicest, and people are more cheerful too, my favoruite animals are wolfs or cats.
My favouite magical creature are vampires, and I like to dress in gothic-punk clothes . And finally, I love books. They're my most precious possesion

And your dislikes:
-Bees and similar insects. I can’t really explain this one, it’s something I was born with. Past experiences with them didn’t help, either, because I’ve been bit thrice: in my face, in my armpit and in my groin. Go figure -Weak, pessimistic or dependent people. I'm probably the opposite to them, and I get very frustrated and treat them harshly without meaning to,so I tyr to avoid them.
-Making myths out of people and/or artists/musicians/actors/whatever. I particularly hate groupies with a burning passion, as I think almost any music style has stupid fans and a tendency toward machismo.
-Machismo and discrimination toward women.

A few of your pet peeves: I'm very sloppy person, and I get uneasy if things are too neat. I'm sometimes annoyed by the way people chew their food. Groupies are the most annoying people in existance. I'm obssesive about books of the same series being exactly the same length and their covers looking the same

Got any talents?: I'm a fast learner in anything related to History, Arts and Languages. I have an innate talent for learning different languages. I'm a fast reader and a very good writer. I'm an agressive arguer who can defend almost anything. In spite of being too conceited, people say I have a lot of charm and lead people around effortlessly

Where do you see yourself in ten years?: As a rising screenwriter and/or novel writer, hopefully in L.A or New York

Your motto on life?: Mmm…it’s in Spanish, so I’ll try to translate: “When you were born, you cried, and everyone around smiled. Live your life in a way that, when you die, you are smiling and everybody around is crying” It sounds better in Spanish, I swearXD

Where do you feel most at home? At my home, of courseXD. In the computer room, with my mom reading in bed and my bro playing games downstairs.

Just you

Strong points:
-Self-assuredness/steem. When times are hard and things look bad, this keeps me going. When insults or treasons are thrown at or made to me, this keeps me over everyone. It sometimes breaches the line and becomes my worst quality, but I love it for what it’s worth
-Intelligence. Whatever I am, I’m not stupid. I’m, actually, very intelligent, and been told so by many different people during all my life. I thrive on it
-Optimism. I’m not cynical, or very rarely so. Optimism is the best way to be to enjoy life to the fullest and be happy and cheerful. It makes you able to think the best of everything, and the same quality forbids you to be very sad when you are let down: tomorrow will be better ^.^
-Uniqueness. I know everyone's unique in his/her own way, but too many times people say this about/to me that I had to post it. Many people say that, though I'm a hard person to be around most of the time, for the mix between being generally good at things and knowing it "too much", they still stick around me because I have "something special", there's something about me that screams "not like others" or something like that. As an incredibly conceited person most of the time, I obviously loved itXDXDXD

Weak points:
-Arrogance. OMG, am I arrogant. And I know it, and I can’t do anything about it. I have a nice body, a sharp mind and a lot of talent at what I do. And people TELL ME. What am I supposed to think? Even so, I try to change it, since it makes my mother unhappy.
-Lazyness. This is bad, because it limits my experiences and makes it hard to work on ANYTHING. I try to change this really hard, but it’s difficult when everything’s so easy to do without doing my best.
-Naiveté. This comes from being so sheltered, and coming from a very exclusive world. This bites my ass when I try to establish romantic relationships, because I feel insecure, and that’s something I can’t stand. Trying hard to erase this one as well, but it’s proving hard.
-Harshness. I'm sometimes harsh to others, even without meaning to. I argue in a loud voice and an agressive manner, almost too agressive sometimes. I'm impatient with weak people many times, and discussing about other people's lives I often simplify things out of sheer frustration with that person

Leader or follower? Leader, but that's only because leaders don't come in millions. If the right person appears, I have no problem following him/her

Fun or serious? Mostly fun, but I can be serious if the situation calls for it

Outgoing or shy? I'm definitely not shy, but I'm not as outgoing as I appear on first glance

Think things through or act on impulse? Intuition. I wish I could be more logical, but I'm definitely more animal in thisXD

Devil or Angel? Mmm...I like both. I'm more devilish, but I can be pretty polite and well-manered if I need to, and angels just fascinate me

LotR Related

Why do you like LotR? It's the first fantasy series I ever read, and Tolkien was a fantastic creator of worlds, very thorough and his fictional universes are complete in a way that very few have ever been

Who’s your favorite character and why? Mmmm...that would be Gandalf. Seriously, the man is TEH AWESOME. He's the only one that knows what's going on, has friends in high placesXD, has great power, greater wisdom and greatest compassion out of everyone surrounding him. He's cool and old at the same time, which is quite a feat. He manipulates people in an awesome way for the greater good, knows how to laugh at himself and has quite possibly the best magical fight ever written, against a skyscraper mountain of fire with horns and whip (no, it's not a S&M movie, no matter how it soundsXD)
Sam is awesome too, with the second best fight in the series (Shelob had no chanceXD)
Eowyn is kind of cool as well, but Luthien was way better, so...

Who's your least favorite character and why?
Definitely Frodo. So damned annoying, so whiny, a weak spinelss fool. Urgh. Just remebering what a pain in the ass the guy was...Sam must have the patience of a saint

Other things

Post 3 pictures of yourself (if you have no pictures, just describe what you look like)
I have no pictures, so I'll have to tell: I'm very tall (1'80 m), very slim (56 kgs), with long legs, medium breasts and very small hands and feet. I have mid-back long brown straight hair with japanese fringe, small brown eyes and high cheekbones. My skintone is golden brown
I usually dress in a gothic-punk-lolita style

lauraharyan on February 12th, 2010 11:01 pm (UTC)
Your strong and weak points remind me mostly of Legolas