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12 February 2010 @ 11:56 pm
I love Rinvendell  


Name: Anna
Location: Italy
Nicknames, or what you prefer to be called: hilian
Your likes: animals, books, reading, my family
And your dislikes: rude people dishonesty, waiting
A few of your pet peeves: rude people, know-it-all
Got any talents?: music? i play the c flute
Where do you see yourself in ten years?: probably married and happy ( I hope so)
Your motto on life?: live without regrets
Where do you feel most at home? with my family and friends

Just you

Strong points: Honest, loyal, determined, caring, open minded, brave
Weak points: stubborn, impulsive, pessimistic, moody

Leader or follower?Leader, I don't like being told what to do
Fun or serious? It depends on the situation, I think I can be both
Outgoing or shy? More outgoing than shy, definitely
Think things through or act on impulse? again I think it depends on the situation. I think things through sometimes but I normally act on impulse
Devil or Angel?Angel

LotR Related

Why do you like LotR? I love the characters and the story very much
Who’s your favorite character and why? Faramir ( and i lovelovelove faramirxeowyn ) he's definitely my favorite character, patient, honest, determined but also "human", caring and sweet. I also like very much Elladan and Elrohir ( I know it seems random! ) I just think they deserved more space in the books because they're awesome!
Who's your least favorite character and why? Gollum! I don't like this character at all!

Other things

Post 3 pictures of yourself (if you have no pictures, just describe what you look like) long black hair, dark brown eyes, small nose, small lips

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laura: lotr | roadharyan on February 12th, 2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
I can definitely see a lot of Aragorn here. You're a leader, honest, loyal, determined, caring, open minded and brave. And I can see a bit of him even in your description :P